Colour Of Noise are a classic rock band from Brighton, England! We are steeped in the spirit of the late 60’s British Blues Boom and early 70’s Stadium Rock, but cannot escape the urge to deliver songs with a steam-powered intensity.

There are no ballads on a Colour of Noise album.

You might know guitarist Bruce John Dickinson (Little Angels, b.l.o.w) , singer Matt Mitchell from his band Furyon.

The songs we write deal with issues of permanence, holding onto what is great in our lives (people and music), coming to terms with change (broken dreams, relationships) whilst trying to retain a sense of yourself in a mad world. More than anything else, they deal with escapism through Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The Noise we make is mostly powered by highly cranked vintage equipment. Not because we’re that stuck on a principle, it just sounds better to our ears.

Our debut album ‘Colour of Noise’ has been pre-released via Pledge Music in November 2015 following the road testing of songs on tour with Thunder, at Download and Steel House festivals and at the upcoming Hard Rock Hell IX.

Colour of Noise does not answer to any record company, but if you missed the pre-release Pledge campaign deadline, you will be able to buy the album (and merch) from December 2015 via Townsend music.

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